The contest

PIEMONTE VISUAL CONTEST is a contest promoted by the  Regional Council of Piedmont, ItalyTOP-IX and CSI Piemonte, in collaboration with the Open Data coordination group of the Innovation Office of Regione Piemonte. The contest promotes open culture and citizen engagement in defining better public policies.

With this contest we want to involve public administrations, communities and networks of developers and digital activists in a process where collective intelligence is engaged in a process to make the body of public information in Piedmont more accessible improving its transparency and increasing the amount and quality of information available to citizens.


The 2014-2015 edition of PIEMONTE VISUAL CONTEST is centred on the theme of participatory maps. Its objective? To map Piedmont in order to increase the existing asset of free geographical data available in open formats which represents a positive element that contributes to a better quality of our everyday life in the places where we live.

PIEMONTE VISUAL CONTEST consists of two separate and consecutive contests: Mappathon and Storython.

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From October 2014 to February 2015

A contest open to developers, data analysts, designers, geographers, researchers, mappers to use Open Data to create thematic maps of the Piedmont area in Italy availing of the potential of OpenStreetMap and to share the information collected.

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From March 2015

A contest for storytellers to produce digital narratives based on the works submitted to the Mappathon with the cooperation and support of the local public administartions.

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