[thb_four_fifths first]PIEMONTE VISUAL CONTEST is a competition to collect and implement visualisation proposals based on public data, concerning the activities of the Regione Piemonte.
Telling the story of Piedmont by leveraging public data heritage.
This is the goal of Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte and TOP-IX Consortium, promoters of PIEMONTE VISUAL CONTEST in collaboration with the Open Data Board of the Regione Piemonte Directorate of Innovation.
Their long standing partnership, along with the help of many other local institutions, enables Piedmont to be among the brightest examples in the European Open Data sector.
The contest aims at involving institutions, developers and designers in a learning process, so as to promote access to Piedmont digital heritage. The wise use of acquired digital data enables transparency in the administration decision making process and evidence based information for the citizens.



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