Infographics & Data Viz

[thb_four_fifths first]The definition data visualization (defined also with Information Visualization)
means the transformation of data and knowledge in visual form in order to examine its contents, to understand the mechanics and obtain end products that allow to a large audience to perceive in an immediate way the information they presented.
PIEMONTE VISUAL CONTEST wants to invite to use this practice to “illustrate” the wealth of information public on the activities of the Piedmont Region.
Contest will be divided in two categories: Infographics and Data Visualization.
Competition categories
[thb_two_fourths first][thb_toggle title=”Infographics”]
Static or animated graphical representation of the data in order to “tell a story”.[/thb_toggle][/thb_two_fourths]

[thb_two_fourths last][thb_toggle title=”Data Visualization”]
Active approach in data representation in which, through mechanical interaction, it is possible to activate different levels of detail depending on the needs of the user.[/thb_toggle][/thb_two_fourths]
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How to participate
– The contest is dedicated to all data visualisations regarding Regione Piemonte activities (Check contest goals)
– Infographics shall be submitted through their dedicated form in .pdf format or in high resolution .jpeg format. Link or website url shall be provided for Online Data Visualisations. Offline Data Visualisations shall be submitted through their dedicated form. Remember to upload all the files (html, style sheet, images, JavaScript or different formats) within a folder.
– A short description of the data visualisation shall be provided, along with a list of data sources (check allowed data)
– It is possible to submit different data visualisations both in the same category, both in the two contest categories (Infographics and Data Visualisations).
– Visualisations published before the beginning of the contest are admissible.
– Visualisations presented in different contests are admissible.
– Following the contest guidelines, every visualization shall be released under Open license, to be specified during submission.
— Conditions are still subjected to changes —